Déjà vu

The World Is Watching

**Trigger Warning for survivors of childhood sexualized violence.

The world is watching the United Kingdom’s 2014 National Inquiry into Historic Childhood Sexualized Abuse and Exploitation. The world is watching as the magnitude of the crimes perpetrated in the 1970s & 1980s are published and U.K. citizens' experience confusion, frustration and betrayal. The world is watching as the adult survivors explain over and over again, why such neglect and cruelty must never take place again in the United Kingdom or by British Citizens travelling to other Countries, and why their Government, charged with the well-being and health of its' citizens, must urgently release funding to provide appropriate and consistent support for survivors of childhood sexualized abuse and exploitation living in U.K. Territories. IF ONLY. IF ONLY. IF ONLY the nation had been aware of what was happening to too many of its' children, then responsible adults, who happened to be around thirty years ago, would have demanded for the abuse and exploitation to stop. This is what the vast majority of U.K. citizens bearing witness today would like to believe would have happened, then. For their peace-of-mind, they yearn today to hear this must be true.

As people begin to share their stories and their knowledge becomes disseminated across localities and borders, the physical, psychological and social trauma to which children were subjected, the adults' lack of willingness to get involved to protect children and their desire at the time to believe it was someone else’s job to end the neglect, rape and torture of children, all seem eerily familiar to children being sexually abused and exploited in 2014. Today’s abused and exploited children recognize what their peers from 30 years ago were forced to endure: what was done to them and what they had to do to survive. 

Yesterday’s abused and exploited children have grown into adults, who recognize the voices of children who are being sexually abused and exploited today: what they are being forced to endure, what is being done to them and what they are having to do to survive. Survivors' awareness compels them to do something, anything they are able with the skills they possess, to ensure that everyone knows clearly what is happening to children living today. Awareness is an important prevention tool in the battle to challenge the crime of sexualized abuse & exploitation being perpetrated and perpetuated by paedophiles, their accomplices and their protectors. 

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