Déjà Vu


Today friends across generations and cultural borders have come together to bring greater awareness of the devastating consequences of sexualized violence perpetrated against boys & adolescent males.

As more people bear witness to assist in shouldering the burden being carried alone by too many survivors, and as more people feel compelled to stand up and strengthen the call for an end to the horror, our leaders, charged with overseeing the health and well-being of their Nations' young people, will be empowered to take meaningful action to alleviate the chronic trauma scourging through our communities.

We believe it is possible to shift the culture of neglect, lethargy and denial, which has persisted and permitted too many children to be brutally hurt on our watch. Through harnessing human ingenuity and creativity, today's technologies and our collective desire for change, we will raise the alarm and demand urgent early intervention measures be funded & implemented today. 

A special thanks is extended to our visitors for their empathy and outrage, and for turning to those around them to share the news we are bringing.

This initiative would not have been possible without the generosity and compassion of survivors from across generations, who are sharing their voices to ask for something they should never have had to ask for in the first place: early intervention to end brutal sexualized violence perpetrated against boys & male adolescents, appropriate and consistent support services for survivors, and recognition of the extent & networks of 
corruption, lies and secrecy that have enabled breathtaking crimes to be perpetrated by adults and be repeated again and again across generations.


**Every person participating in the creation of this initiative has been free to employ a pseudonym if he/she chooses. The purpose of the initiative is to bring greater awareness to our distinct communities through employing the arts; a medium which has been employed throughout our histories to introduce ourselves and our ideas to each other.